Simon Malls, Ziploop partner on mobile shopping app

Simon Malls has partnered with Ziploop to offer shoppers a mobile shopping app.

Ziploop offers consumers a way to organize their shopping activities across all devices. The app gets rid of the need for shoppers to carry in their wallets paper, cards, coupons and certificates. Instead, all of the information is neatly stored on the mobile device, tablet or desktop.

"With Ziploop, we've branched out from the 'old world' model of shopping," says Ziploop CEO and Founder Peter Jackson. "As companies like Square, PayPal and Apple move to perfect the customer transaction, Ziploop will complement these apps by organizing each transaction to make it easily available to the shopper. The app stores all consumer receipts and rewards, reminds users of expiring coupons and sorts easily by store date, location or amount."

Ziploop will be promoted on digital signage in malls such as the Houston Galleria, Town Center at Cobb in Atlanta, Smith Haven Mall in New York and Fashion Center at Pentagon City in Washington D.C.

As users can store all of their rewards on the app, Ziploop can also remind them when coupons are expiring, reported MobileCommerceDaily. The app also helps users to sort through virtual paper by location, store date and amount.

"Retailers can quickly locate receipts for exchanges or returns if the user loses the paper," Jackson told MobileCommerceDaily. "It reduces costs for clerk research time, USPS for paper promotions and increases engagement as mail services (like Gmail) have parsed promotion into a rarely viewed inbox."

Each shopper is given a personal domain by Ziploop, which receipts can be emailed to. On the app, consumers can filter their personal emails by receiving trend updates, new arrivals, sales and special offers. Favorite stores can also be flagged, so the consumer never misses what's new from a cherished brand.

Shopping apps are becoming an important part of a retailer's omnichannel experience, not only for their ability to offer mobile transactions, deals and retailer information, but also for their customer service abilities. Being in touch with brands, via mobile, is becoming a high priority for consumers. According to a study commissioned by Moxie Software, 62 percent of consumers expect to be able to chat with brands live on mobile, and of those shoppers, 82 percent would use mobile chat if it were available. Despite consumers' interest in mobile chat, the recent 2014 Holiday Retail Audit by eBay Enterprise reported that less than 68 percent of retailers surveyed have no plans to invest in new or existing mobile programs in advance of the holiday season.

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