Should Perfume Spritzers Be Replaced By Kiosks?

A wonderful New York Times piece a few days ago observed a decline in the number of fragrance spritzers roaming department stores. (Yeah, I am also guessing it was a slow news day.) "But today there's growing recognition in the industry that aggressive spritzing offends too many potential customers. At a handful of department stores, fragrance demonstrators who pounce, spray and sell hard are being tamed. They may still flood the floor for debuts and other special events, but they are being gradually replaced by salesclerks who actually ask customers what scents they prefer and—gasp—listen to the reply."

One has to wonder: Is the perfume spritzer potentially a role that a polite kiosk could take over? By its very nature, it would offer to smell up customers who approached it. It could also offer a stunningly wide range of perfume options, with customers asked to place their hands under a gentle spraying device. Would an automated perfume salesperson be an improvement? For anyone who has ever been sneak-sprayed, the answer is not difficult at all.