Shoppers spend less time in supermarkets, more in c-stores

Shoppers are now spending less time in supermarkets and more time in convenience stores, according to two national studies by VideoMining. The Grocery MegaStudy reported customers spent 5 percent less time in grocery stores compared with the previous year and the annual C-Store MegaStudy found that shoppers spent 6 percent more time in convenience stores.

The increased time in c-stores led to a 9 percent increase in average basket size.

"Convincing time starved shoppers to spend more time is a challenge that the convenience channel seems up for," said Mark Delaney, VideoMining's senior VP of retail. "One key is ensuring they have the right assortment to satisfy shoppers who are increasingly concerned about healthy eating and expecting tailored offerings by time of day. Our MegaStudy provides the next level insights to understand what's actually happening at the shelf and helps retailers and manufacturers crack the code for increasing sales."

The study tracked 14 million shopping trips to gain insight into what is driving longer shopping times and how retailers can leverage that time to generate higher sales.

The shrinking amount of time spent in grocery stores is part of the recent transformation that traditional supermarkets are currently undergoing.

And as the popularity of convenience store shopping grows among consumers, so does the number of locations. C-stores now account for 34 percent of all retail outlets in the United States.

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