Shoplifting Mom Nobly Steals Only Child Essentials, But Then Leaves Child

Every now and then, a shoplifter takes items that hit the sentimental heartstrings of even the most jaded loss prevention manager, such as a homeless pregnant woman stealing a package of diapers or baby food. This is impressively not one of those stories. Had the suspects had better publicity agents, though, it could have been.

At an Orlando, Florida, Wal-Mart, two young women stole children’s clothing and necessities valued at about $200. Although stealing is a naughty act (punishable by an adult time-out of between 5 and 10 years), these two seem to be just very desperate women trying to be the best mothers they can. The problem with that story: When police chased them, the women kept the goods but left two of their kids, ages 1 and 3, in a shopping cart at the store and then drove off. Yeah, they sort of lose their sympathetic desperate-mommy story with that move.