Shopify offers Amazon Webstore merchants platform for cross-selling

Shopify is now the preferred migration platform for sellers on the Amazon Webstore (NASDAQ:AMZN). Shopify has agreed to provide merchants with the tools and services to help them grow while integrating Amazon offerings such as login and payment, fulfillment and selling.

"Both Amazon and Shopify are leaders in e-commerce so it's a natural fit that we would enable our retailers to seamlessly run their businesses across either platform," said Harley Finkelstein, Shopify's chief platform officer. "Many of Shopify's existing 175,000-plus merchants already use Amazon as a sales channel, and this will bridge the gap between our two companies, with just a few simple steps."

For stores that choose to migrate, Shopify will make it happen without interruption, offering a 30-day free trial and then $29 a month thereafter.

Guests who already use Amazon can use their Amazon credentials to check out on a desktop or mobile. Also, merchants can ship products sold on the site using inventory stored in Amazon warehouses.

The deal with Shopify is another move by Amazon to create a more social shopping experience for its sellers and buyers on the Webstore. In late 2014, Shoppost, a platform for social commerce where retailers sell products in-stream on social media, became available for retailers selling on the Amazon Webstore.

As of late, Shopify has been working with several other platforms, including Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) to create a call-to-action, or buy button, on the social media platform.

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-See this Shopify press release

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