Shop-Rite Piloting CRM Smartcarts

The Shop-Rite regional grocery chain is piloting smartcarts that show different ads depending on a consumer's shopping history and current shopping lists, the chain confirmed this week.

ShopRite, a 47,000-employee chain with about 200 stores in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, began the 9-month pilot last Spring, a ShopRite statement said. The announcement was made during this week's National Retail Federation show in New York.

The carts, jointly crafted by Microsoft and MediaCart Holdings, use consumers' loyalty cards to grab the historic shopping data and the uploaded shopping lists and deliver data back to consumer goods manufacturers about ad performance, by comparing ads displayed with the ultimate customer purchases. That last part is easy to track because the carts assist directly with checkout.

MediaCart said the carts also deliver electronic coupons, do comparative price checks, locate products within the store and display updated store specials. The carts also show recipe and nutritional information and displaying "an electronic shopping list (which the consumer can create at home on a PC) that is presented in aisle order, totaling the cost of the items in their baskets before checkout," the companies said.