SFO Airport concessions feature interactive displays

Pacific Gateway Concessions, an airport concessionaire and operator of the Where Traveler store, has partnered with technology firm Float to install interactive displays in airports.

Where Traveler in the San Francisco airport was the first store to implement the technology in mid-May. The system is intended to personalize its response to individual shopper interactions.

The technology is activated when a shopper approaches, lighting a welcome screen to encourage consumers to interact with products or look for more information. Then, based on what product the consumer touches next, the screen changes.

"Retail has evolved into a multichannel experience where the boundaries between virtual and physical space are becoming blurred," said Keith Bendes, business development director at Float. "We are enabling retailers to understand and respond to shoppers needs in real time, closing the gap on creating a seamless digital experience."

The technology behind Float's Anything Interactive gives it the ability to update content in real time and understand how the content changes shopper behavior. Airports can also link information including flight schedules, time of the day and weather to the displayed content. The system tracks shopper interactions anonymously and provides that data to retailers to help them better understand a consumer's path to purchase.

Pacific Gateway Concessions will be expanding the technology to airports around the country in the coming year.

The interactive displays are very much in line with what future of retail will look like. Thanks to technology, there will be an increasing number of interactive in-store displays, magic mirrors, access to an endless aisle of inventory and associates outfitted with the latest in mobile devices.

"In this digital age shoppers want information in real time to make better educated decisions. We are using cutting-edge technology to provide shoppers that education with the touch of a product," said Kenneth Howe, head of business development and marketing at Pacific Gateway Concessions.

Pacific Gateway Concessions saw a 205 percent increase in sales units for its beverage brand and 120 percent increase for its headphones brand.

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-See this Float press release

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