Sephora Was Open Till Midnight In Paris, But Not Anymore

Sephora is in trouble over late-night lipstick in Paris. A French court ordered the upscale beauty products retailer to start closing its store on the Champs-Elysees at 9 p.m., under a law that bans late-night working hours at most businesses. Sephora has been doing a bustling business by keeping its doors open until midnight for tourists, and hoped to get around the problem by only using associates who volunteered for the late shift (and got extra pay). In fact, more than 50 of them showed up at a court hearing to support the retailer's position, but unions objected and pushed the court case. Sephora, which reportedly gets 20 percent of its sales at the Champs-Elysees store after 9 p.m., said it will appeal. And for the record, it's not the only shop burning the midnight oil: Other stores that could be affected by the ruling include fast-fashion outlet H&M, watchmaker Swatch and electronics retailer FNAC. Story