Sephora goes 3D with augmented reality mirror

Sephora shoppers can now get in-store makeovers courtesy of new in-store technology. The beauty chain has launched a 3D Augmented Reality Mirror that can simulate cosmetics on a user's face in real-time and in 3D.

The technology, created by ModiFace, tracks the precise location of a user's facial features and applies make up directly on the video feed from a camera.

Product selection is currently limited to eye shadow, but shoppers can try on an unlimited number of colors by tapping a shade palette on the mirror's screen; preview textures of eye shadow including glittery, sparkly and shiny shadow; and view themselves from different angles by turning their face from side to side.

Colors appear on a palette wheel. Shoppers simply touch their selection and it appears on their eyes. The effect is as though they were looking in a mirror following application.

The mirror itself was introduced in March from ModiFace and is now licensed by Sephora 3D. According to the developer, the product is the world's first photo-realistic 3D mirror, and the result of more than three years of research and development.

"We believe ModiFace's 3D Augmented Reality Mirror will be a breakthrough technology for our customers as they virtually try out different eye shadow shades quickly and easily," said Antonio Ferreira de Almeida, general manager, Sephora Italy.

This isn't the first new in-store technology from Sephora. The Sephora + Pantone Color IQ is a handheld scanner that accurately matches a shopper's skin tone to help select the correct foundation color, an often confusing task.

Earlier this year, Sephora launched a proprietary social media site, Beauty Board, that lets users tag beauty products in their photos. Tags are then uploaded on Beauty Board and link directly to the beauty brand's page on Sephora's e-commerce site to spur shopping. Beauty Board is integrated into Sephora's other online communities including Beauty Talk, The Glossy and Sephora TV and the Sephora To Go app. Images captured on the 3D Augmented Reality Mirror could soon appear on Beauty Board as well.

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