SEO Cheat Sheet, Ultra-Geek Style

Regardless of how you personally feel about search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, there's no denying this game of outsmarting the Google/Bing crowd is complex. SEO specialists are constantly one-half step behind their search engine counterparts, trying to combat the Google anti-SEO functionality with their own anti-anti-SEO functions. Could this dance of the nerds-versus-the nerdiers get any geekier? Apparently, yes. The folks at Search Engine Land have come up with a way.

Their approach brings to the E-Commerce programming circles that much beloved and memorized geek heartthrob from the chemistry world: the periodic table. The resultant SEO table is a work of art, at least for the SEO pocket-protector crowd. An accurate and meaningful guide of the point-counterpoint that is SEO strategy, it is presented in the old familiar format. As someone who always struggled to pass chemistry exams and who today avoids SEO discussions with a passion, this useful chart is nightmare-fodder on so very many levels.