The Senate Greenlights Pharma RFID Restrictions. What It Might Mean

One piece of legislation that is now winding its way from the U.S. Senate to the U.S. House of Representatives prohibits pharmaceuticals from using RFID in anti-conterfeiting measures, according to this interesting story in RFID Update.

Although pharma and government uses of RFID are quite distinct from retail deployments, this effort--which is far from final--does signal several things that could impact retail RFID efforts.

First, it signals that the current legislative climate is open to severe RFID restrictions, which is a foreboding trend with consumer privacy protection issues in the wings. Secondly, pharma is a potential massive user of RFID. Anything that materially reduces that is going to impact volume pricing for all RFID uses. Much of the current RFID tag price reduction projections have assumed more-than-healthy pharma deployments. All said, it's an important piece of legislation to watch.