Sears Torturing Definition Of Revolutionary

Sears last week (Oct. 29) rolled out its AdYourWay service, which the $44 billion chain dubbed "a revolutionary new shopping tool." What does this revolutionary offering do? "From a single personalized page on, and soon to come to, AdYourWay allows customers to receive personalized product recommendations based on previous purchases and product searches. Once a customer is logged into or, AdYourWay technology works to provide customers with deals and offers on products of interest and those that are relevant to their lifestyle. Through the unique 'Follow' functionality, shoppers can select a desired item and set up E-mail alerts for price drops."

Come on, guys. Your revolutionary new shopping tool is to offer people what Amazon has been doing for more than 10 years? To be fair, this is a fine feature. It's a welcome addition to what Sears has been offering, and it would also be welcome for many major chains. But to label technology that is this old and established as revolutionary is so Microsoft. Maybe Sears is positioning this tool against Tesco and it means revolutionary in the Red Coats sense?