Sears Saves $2 Mill by Moving Big Data to the Cloud

When Sears Holding Corp. (Nasdaq: SHLD) shifted all of its workload off of mainframes and onto the cloud-based, open-source data Hadoop platform, it understandably saved the traditional retailer $2 million annually. “45 percent of the capabilities on a mainframe are never used and, when you switch, you can save 60 percent to 80 percent of your mainframe costs,” Aashish Chandra, DVP of Sears Holdings and general manager of Metascale, Sears’ big data division, told RISNews. Chandra admitted that Sears made quite a few mistakes when switching to a cloud-based data platform a few years ago. “We weren’t so lucky to come across Hadoop on the first go. We eventually looked into Hadoop, less than three years ago, with a small proof of concept…” Chandra said. Now, Sears affordably stores its data in one place and applies tools to it, similar to a mainframe. For more, see: This RISNews article This RISNews article Related articles: Sears Gets a New CIO and Once Again Makes Its Old One Disappear