Sears Announces New CEO, Then Crashes Within An Hour. Great Way To Show Off For The New Boss crashed on Wednesday night (Feb. 23) at about 8:15 PM (New York time), telling site visitors: "Access denied. You don't have permission to access on this server." Sears' corporate sister,, was also down. Another Sears' sister site,, told visitors: "We're sorry. is temporarily closed for site enhancements." The site crash was first reported by Alertbot, which reported going down at about 8:15 PM.

That site then sent shoppers to four other Sears sites "for your immediate shopping convenience": Lands End; Parts Direct; Sears Credit; and Weekly Ad. Alas, half of those sites (Parts Direct and Sears Credit) also denied access. The other two seemed to initially work. A Sears spokesman reached on his mobile phone during the outage (it was after hours) said that he was unaware of it but would try and find out more and get back to us. Coincidentally—or not—Sears announced its new CEO at 7 PM (New York time). Update: the site appeared to be back up at about 9:17 PM, meaning the initial outage lasted a little more than an hour.