Search Engine Shopping Is Causing More Abandoned Shopping Carts

As more consumers use search engines to find products filtered by a single attribute--such as price--shopping cart abandonment rates are increasing, according to E-Commerce vendor MarketLive, which tracks such matters.

The shopping cart abandonment rate went up 2.7 percent, from 57.88 percent in Q1 2007 to 59.43 percent in the first quarter of this year, while "one-and-out" visits to E-Commerce sites jumped 18.9 percent, from 32.94 percent to 39.15 percent, based on MarketLive Performance Index figures that rely on activity from nearly 100 E-Commerce sites, according to this Internet Retailer story. The piece quoted Jaye Sullivan, senior Internet strategist at MarketLive, as saying that about two-thirds of consumers now start their research at search engines, "which means many visitors are new to E-Commerce sites and more likely to click off quickly if they don't find what they want. More people are doing research and they're price-sensitive, so they're opening up more carts to check out the price."