SanaSana lets millennials shop for a cause

Social causes matter to a growing number of shoppers, and now retailers have a new way to satisfy those looking to make every purchase matter.

Online retailer SanaSana has launched a mobile-enabled "cause shopping" platform, where each purchase also makes a donation to a worthy cause.

SanaSana is partnering with a variety of brands to offer products that give back. Each purchase adds Cause Points toward a specific initiative. Once a goal is reached, donations are made to the representative charity. Shoppers can earn additional points for charities by sharing initiatives with their social networks.

Millennial shoppers are believed to value social causes and shop for purpose, and SanaSana is angling to satisfy this desire to shop responsibly.

"The importance placed on social issues by millennials should not be understated," said Naor Fischbein, founder and CEO of SanaSana. "Their dedication and passion to change the world cannot be ignored. It's been our inspiration."

It is also a mobile-focused platform.

"Our tech-savvy customer base has helped our mobile strategy evolve," Fischbein said. "In order to allow millennials to be connected to our donation campaigns 24/7—and easily share from their smartphone or tablet—we had to evolve our platform to be mobile first, desktop second."

There's a selection of global brands with an emphasis on natural and organic items. A Hispanic-focused category includes Latin foods, appealing to that growing demographic.

The site carries a variety of products across categories including babies and kids; beauty and personal care; vitamins and supplements; weight loss; and household. Many fall into the frequent replenishment category and it's easy to see how a shopper could set up a program similar to the subscription services offered by Amazon and Target.

Connecting with millennials is the focus for many retailers today, and cause marketing is one important tool in doing just that.

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