Samsung's physical store plugs experience, not sales

Samsung's first brick-and-mortar presence in New York's meat packing district is all about the shopping experience and not about making purchases. Samsung 837 is meant to be a "cultural destination" and "digital playground," a space for consumers to have an experience and attend events that market the brand.

Samsung opened its first physical presence back in February, debuting an "un-retail" space. The idea was to crate a flagship for "interactions rather than transactions," Zach Overton, VP and general manager, Samsung 837, told Forbes. "We wanted to create a two-way conversation with our customers and visitors – a personal dialogue."

Some of the modern, digital aspects of the space for consumers to explore include the world's largest mobile screen and a music studio. On-site experts are available to answer questions.

Samsung 837 is now open to the public and features a living lab and digital playground over the span of three floors. Visitors can look around to see auditorium seating for performances, a gallery for curated content experiences and a broadcast studio.

Yet another standout feature is the store's Social Galaxy, which displays mirrors and screens across the entire area. Before walking through a tunnel, users can enter their Instagram handle so that as they walk through, all of their photos, descriptions and hashtags are projected across the tunnel walls.

Customer experience is growing in its role in the retail experience. Many retail stores now offer restaurants, cafes, art exhibits and even virtual reality displays.

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