Sales Through Android Phones Gain, But iPad Still Owns M-Commerce

Mobile sales to customers using Android phones have tripled in the past year and are growing faster than those of iPhone users, according to monthly statistics by affiliate network Affiliate Window and reported by Internet Retailer.

Affiliate Window tracks sales through more than 10,000 web sites that link to e-commerce sites and earn commissions on sales generated from traffic they send. That means the numbers are a limited subset of overall mobile commerce, and need to be viewed that way. However, Affiliate Windows shows roughly the same trends as broader M-commerce surveys: Its numbers say that thus far in 2013, the iPad is responsible for 59 percent of mobile sales, the iPhone 22 percent, Android phones 15 percent, Blackberry phones 2 percent, and all other devices 2 percent.

That suggests the rapidly rising sales-via-Android numbers are following rising numbers of Android phones. More significantly, conversion rates for Android click-throughs are now at 2.15 percent, almost reaching the iPhone rate of 2.21 percent.

But both trail the desktop shopper conversion rate of 2.61 percent, and are blown away by the 5 percent conversion rate for tablets—virtually all of which are iPads.

For retailers, these statistics confirm the general shape of the m-commerce landscape, and give a slight tweak to what they can expect from shoppers using mobile devices going forward. It's still true that if you have to choose one platform at a time for upgrades, the order is still iPad, iPhone, Android phone. But the old rule of thumb that Android users don't spend is now looking much weaker. The next year should tell whether the gap between what iPhone and Android phone customers are worth really is closing.

And for now at least, everything else—including Android tablets, Blackberry and Windows phones—is still a no-show at mobile checkout time.

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