Retailers using mobile loyalty to drive foot traffic for brick-and-mortar

Shoppers are increasingly turning to digital deals to help make purchasing decisions, and more apps are emerging to help bring those offers together in one convenient place.

One example is Stamp It, which launches this week. The app is exclusive to the U.K. at the moment and was developed with the goal of encouraging shoppers to stay loyal to brick-and-mortar shops in their area.

The app combines exclusive deals, loyalty stamps, an events calendar, store and parking locators, and even helps shoppers pay or extend their parking in-app. Individual retailers can define what actions customers need to take to accrue loyalty stamps and their digital stamp cards are updated automatically.

"It's about retailers building relationships with customers and thanking them for regular custom," explained Gabrielle Argent, a business woman who developed the app alongside Prudence Buckley. "Engagement on social platforms has just taken a step over the threshold. Rewards are up to each retailer taking part with a variety of goodies and deals being offered to drive loyal shoppers back in-store."

Tunbridge Wells is the first town to take the app live with multiple businesses signed on to participate, but similar apps are beginning to emerge for retailers across the pond as well.

Stamp Me, an Australia-based app available worldwide, is one example. It focuses solely on consolidating multiple loyalty cards from different retailers in one place to avoid the frustration of lost cards for customers. For the retailer, participation with the app helps attract new customers and encourage repeat patronage, while also making it easy to track shopping patterns and collect data.

But while Stamp Me requires users to scan a code the retailer provides to earn their digital stamp, LoyalBlocks uses beacon technology to not only greet customers when they walk in the door, but also to automatically register their visit. The app combines multiple marketing efforts such as membership cards, coupons and stamp cards into one app, helping to raise foot traffic and  even aid retailers in monitoring customers in or nearby the shop.

"They don't have the time for [studying analytics] and many don't have the analytic skills for it," Ido Gaver, CEO and co-founder of LoyalBlocks told the New York Times. "They just want to see people spending more and visiting more often. That's all they want. So we have to harness all this data in a way that's meaningful to them."

As mobile wallets such as  Apple Pay gain more traction, mobile loyalty is sure to become more convenient for customers and an increasingly vital part of retailers' mobile strategies.

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