Retailers Take On Marketing To Millennials

Retailers are among those making significant changes in an attempt to grab more of the market for Millennials. (No, we're not sure exactly how that's defined either, but we figure it's customers no older than their early 30s). Usually it's just food and health-and-beauty items that get a generational makeover, but this time big chains are changing too, including Walmart (with small-footprint "Walmart on Campus" stores), Macy's (20 new brands aimed specifically at Millennials), Whole Foods (high-end items to make shoppers feel like they're at Neiman Marcus) and Aeropostale (in-store iPad kiosks to "tell a story" when selling to Millennials), plus fast-food chains such as McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell and KFC that have targeted the group. Also on the makeover list: Budweiser's 11.3-ounce "bow tie" can, Bud is apparently offering in the hope that younger customers won't notice they're getting 6 percent less beer than their parents did. Story