Retailers struggling to drive conversions on mobile

A recent study shows the continued growth of mobile for retailers, but also draws into sharper focus the urgency with which they need to optimize their mobile experiences.

MarketLive's Q3 Performance Index looked at customers' aggregated traffic and conversion data to get more insight into how shoppers are interacting with brands and where they're making purchases. The research makes the trend clear, as smartphone traffic to e-commerce sites increased more than 62 percent, while revenue grew 141 percent. Tablet growth wasn't quite as impressive at 20 percent for both traffic and revenue.

"Merchants must immediately face–and address–the enormous implications and inescapable demands of multi-device shopping and mainstream mobile commerce," the report stated.

The PC experience is still in the driver's seat for now, but its days appear numbered. PCs were responsible for 57 percent of traffic and 76 percent of revenue, but their decline continued. On the other hand, smartphones and tablets drove 28 percent and 15 percent of traffic respectively, but just 11 and 13 percent of revenue.

That difference between traffic and conversions for mobile, particularly on smartphones, is the real challenge for retailers. Many failed purchases come down to poor user experiences on mobile, and failing to address those could prove costly.

"The impact of this massive shift to underperforming devices is rapidly proving to be larger than its harsh downward pressure on KPI averages," the report warned. "Unchecked, as smartphone shopping share explodes, net, cumulative e-commerce conversion declines, and the likelihood of real order loss grows exponentially."

Similarly, the report found that overall conversions were down 2 percent this year compared to last, while shopping cart and checkout abandonment were also higher by 3 percent and 7 percent respectively.

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