Retail traffic up 12% in April

Traffic grew year-over-year for the first time in months, up 12 percent, and in-store engagement improved as well, according to Euclid's monthly retail benchmarks report for the month of April. However, despite ostensible growth in shopping activity, the extra traffic failed to create sales growth.

The year-over-year traffic increase can be largely attributed to warmer weather and the Easter holiday. The duration of shopping trips increased as well, by 18 percent, again due to weather and promotions.

The shopping turnout is a big change from just a few months back, when harsh winter weather was responsible for an 8 percent decline in sales for January and a 10 percent decline in sales for February.

However, storefront conversion increased less than 1 percent as more targeted trips occurred in promotional environments, and it seems a decrease in tax refund volume may have affected consumers' willingness to spend.

Repeat visits decreased 1 percent due to more efficient holiday shopping.

Sales for general merchandise, apparel and furniture was down 1.1 percent in April, with a 2.1 percent decrease in clothing and apparel sales.

The best day for shopping was Monday, April 6, with a higher traffic and conversion rate than last year. In addition, the bounce rate hit its low for the month that day as well. Conversely, April 19, a Sunday, was the worst shopping day of the month, reporting lower than expected traffic and a low average duration. Last year Sundays were strong shopping days overall, but this year Mondays seem to be more popular.

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