Retail Roundup—Walmart trims $27M; Kroger considers selling c-stores

Walmart saved $27 million by changing plastic bags and trimming receipts.

Walmart trims $27M

Walmart U.S. has saved $20 million by altering the makeup of its plastic bags and saved another $7 million by shortening the length of its receipts. The company announced that the savings will be used to build up its e-commerce business. (CNBC)

Kroger considering sale of c-stores

Kroger is considering selling off its convenience store unit, which generates about $4 billion in sales. Though the company started talking sale almost two years ago, the move is starting to make more sense now as there is a consolidation going on in the c-store industry. (Bloomberg)

Teens favor Adidas, Amazon

In the latest survey by Piper Jaffray, teenagers preferred shopping Adidas and Amazon, while Nike was losing popularity. While Nike saw a big decline, it was stilled ranked the top clothing and footwear brand among teens, along with Ralph Lauren, Steve Madden, Fossil Group and Michael Kors. (MarketWatch)

Brandless unveils beauty collection

Three months after the e-commerce site's launch, Brandless has unveiled a line of beauty products. The company aims to sell "clean" products—cruelty-free and free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens—at lower prices, with everything priced at $3. (Brandless blog)

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