Retail Roundup—Walmart restructures; Zara goes online in India

Zara jeans
Zara is launching e-commerce in India.

Zara goes online in India

Zara will join the growing list of retailers doing e-commerce in India. Starting Oct. 4, the retailer will sell directly to Indian consumers on a dedicated platform. Though Zara has had a presence in India since 2010, including 18 physical stores, its merchandise had only been sold online through third-party providers such as Amazon. (Retail Gazette)

Walmart restructures U.S. operations

Walmart will consolidate its business divisions in the U.S. from six to four. The company believes the new structure will improve communication and execution and streamline decision-making processes. The new Walmart U.S. will have 36 regional managers instead of 44 and is expected to take place in October. (Reuters)

Target holiday hiring up 43%

Target will hire 100,000 seasonal workers for the 2017 holidays, compared to 70,000 last year. The 43% increase will result in more staff at brick-and-mortar locations and follows a strong quarter that saw a 32% surge in online sales. (Fortune)

365 by Whole Foods opens first Midwest store

The sixth location of 365 by Whole Foods will open this week in Akron, Ohio, the first Midwest location. The store was one of 17 in development when Amazon acquired Whole Foods, and the merger has not seemed to deter the expansion plans. (Supermarket News)