Retail Roundup—Walmart discounts in-store pickup, Beckham breaks Target record

exterior of a Walmart store
Walmart will offer BOPIS discounts on some online-only items.

Walmart to offer discounts for in-store pickup

This week, Walmart will begin offering discounts on 10,000 online-only items if customers pick them up in a store. By the end of June, the discount will be extended to more than 1 million times. The idea is to offer money off equivalent to the last-mile delivery costs. (CNBC)

Victoria Beckham breaks Target record

Victoria Beckham's new fashion line went on sale on Sunday and online sales have already broken records for Target a design partnership. Unlike the Lilly Pulitzer launch in 2015, this launch seemed to go off without a hitch and commentary on social media was mostly positive. (Star Tribune) 

C-stores hit $233B due to beverages

Convenience store sales hit record sales in 2016, reaching $233 billion. Data showed that a large portion of the sales came from beverages, including a boost in healthier options like enhanced water, up 12.3%, and bottled water, up 3.9%. (FoodNavigator-USA)

Starbucks offers healthcare to employees' parents in China

Starbucks will provide Chinese workers with health insurance that extends to their parents in response to traditional values in China. The plan, covering 30 critical illnesses and some surgeries, will be available starting in June and follows the society's belief that children offer safety nets to their elderly. (Bloomberg)