Retail Roundup—Toys R Us opens playrooms; Target testing curbside

Target bullseye sign
Target is testing curbside pickup in Twin Cities.

Nordstrom expands brand sizes

Nordstrom is launching expanded sizes at its new Los Angeles store. Nordstrom has asked its customers' favorite brands to fill in the gaps and add more size 0s, 2s, 14s, 16s and 18s in an effort to offer apparel to women of all shapes. (PR Newswire)

Toys R Us to open playrooms

Toys R Us is planning to add unique tech-enhanced experiences to give younger shoppers a reason to visit its stores. Other changes include opening playrooms at 42 stores where children can test out games and gadgets. (USA Today)

Target testing curbside pickup

Target has launched a test of curbside pickup at 50 stores in the Twin Cities area. The program, called Drive Up, went live this week and is available for customers who place online orders through the Target app. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Whole Foods price cuts affect Trader Joe's, Sprouts

Since Amazon purchased Whole Foods and cut prices, competitors Trader Joe's and Sprouts have been affected, according to a data analytics firm. Following the acquisition, 65% of Whole Foods locations have reported a 5% increase in traffic. (Reuters)