Retail Roundup—Michael Kors' personalized app; Ann Taylor debuts rentals

Fashion Illustration
Ann Taylor is now offering a subscription service for clothing rental.

Michael Kors launches personalized app

One of the key aspects of Michael Kors' turnaround plan is making the customer feel like they are getting personalized service. That is why the brand relaunched its app to help dress shoppers while also offering physical store renovations and staff trained to give personalized style tips. (Bloomberg)

Alibaba's revenue jumps 61% 

China's online shoppers have helped to boost Alibaba's profits by nearly double what they were the same period a year ago, adding up to a 61% rise in revenue. By comparison, the U.S. marketplace giant, Amazon, reported a 34% revenue increase in the same quarter. (The New York Times)

Ann Taylor debuts fashion rentals

Cashing in on the subscription service boom, Ann Taylor has announced the debut of its subscription rental service, which allows customers to borrow up to three items at a time for a monthly fee of $95. Customers will be allowed to purchase an item that they grow fond of at a discounted rate. (Glossy)

Logistics take priority in supply chain

Although location is important, logistics should be the first priority of manufacturing and distribution. According to Bill Luttrell, senior locations strategist at Werner Global Logistics, logistics should determine location; it is experiencing tremendous technological changes and is about to become more expensive. (Area Development)