Retail Roundup—Macy's expanding outlets; Club Monaco opens in-store pop-ups

Macy's storefront facing a shopping mall
Macy's is expanding its presence of Backstage outlets in malls. (Mike Mozart/CC BY 2.0)

Macy's expanding outlet stores

Macy's is opening several more Backstage outlet concept stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Opening in June, the new locations are part of Macy's long-term plan to open 100 additional Backstage stores this year. (The Dallas Morning News)

HBC closing 10 Lord & Taylor locations

Hudson's Bay Company announced the closure of 10 Lord & Taylor locations, including its flagship store on New York's Fifth Avenue. The company will concentrate its efforts on driving digital business. (Bloomberg)

Sears gets loan extension

Sears has been granted an extension on repaying money borrowed from lenders. The two loans, totaling about $320 million, were originally due in July but are now owed in July 2020. (Chicago Tribune)

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Club Monaco opens in-store pop-ups

Club Monaco will expand its hosting of in-store pop-up beauty shops. Since December, the retailer has rotated three pop-ups through its flagship in New York, selling products from small companies not typically found in Club Monaco stores. (Digiday)