Retail Roundup—Jet releases private label; Domino's goes on hiring spree

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Domino's is rapidly expanding and will hire 2,000 employees in Chicago.

Fashion to Figure to downsize

Plus-size retailer Fashion to Figure has announced it will shutter up to 10 locations after the holidays. The company blames a badly timed expansion in 2013 when mall stores started losing traffic. (New York Post)

Jet releases its private brand has released its own private label, Uniquely J, as it continues its efforts to win over millennial shoppers and beat out Amazon. The private-label industry is becoming a big focus for many retailers as many consumers increasingly prioritize price over brand loyalty. (CNBC)

Under Armour launches subscription boxes

Under Armour has launched its first subscription box service that will send product recommendations to consumers that are chosen by a stylist. Subscribers to ArmourBox can choose to receive a box every 30, 60 or 90 days, and there are no shipping or return fees. Shoppers will get a 20% discount if they keep the entire shipment. (MarketWatch)

Domino's goes on hiring spree in Chicago

Domino's is looking to hire 2,000 new employees across 113 franchises in Chicago. The new positions included delivery drivers, pizza makers, customer service reps, assistant managers and general managers. The expansion is due to the continued success of the chain across the country and growth specifically in Chicago and its suburbs. (PR Newswire)