Retail Roundup—Gillette delivers razors, Walmart wants one-button ordering

Gillette On Demand will offer subscriber benefits and text ordering.

Gillette introduces on-demand delivery service

Stepping up to challenge Dollar Shave Club, Gillette has introduced Gillette On Demand, a shaving product delivery service that allows customers to either text for a shipment on demand or subscribe for regular deliveries and receive every fourth order free. (CNBC)

Walmart seeks patent for one-button ordering device

In an effort to compete with the Amazon Dash button, Walmart has filed a patent for a wifi-enabled, one-button ordering device. This would be Walmart’s first foray into the internet of things and another step toward competing with Amazon. (Reuters)

Apple to turn Carnegie Library into a store

Apple plans to turn Washington, D.C.’s oldest public building into a space for retail, concerts, art and classes. The Carnegie Library, built in 1903, will become a store that contains a Genius Grove, which is a tree-lined sales floor where staff members demonstrate how to best use Apple products. (The Washington Post)

Amazon lowers free shipping minimum

Amazon has lowered its minimum free shipping amount to $25. This is the second time this year that the minimum for non-Prime members has been lowered, starting with a reduction from $49 to $35 in February. Amazon had a free shipping minimum of $25 for a decade but raised the price in 2013 to entice customers to join Amazon Prime. (The Verge)