Retail Roundup—FedEx to open in 500 Walmarts; 29% of shoppers won't share data

Walmart self-checkout
FedEx will open shops inside 500 Walmarts. (Walmart)

FedEx to open in 500 Walmarts

FedEx is set to open 500 new locations within Walmart stores in the next two years. The announcement comes after a successful pilot program that spanned 47 Walmart locations across six states. Reuters article

Amazon scoping out vacant Toys R Us

Amazon is looking at possibly expanding its retail footprint by acquiring locations from the now-bankrupt Toys R Us. Amazon would use the space to further its own bookstore concepts and showcase its line of Echo devices. Bloomberg article

Small vendors shut down by Toys R Us liquidation

As Toys R Us speeds up liquidation, it may not be able to pay off all vendors for supplied goods. As a result, specialists and lawyers associated with the case expect many small vendors to go bankrupt. Reuters article

29% of consumers will not share data, at all

A new shopper survey from Episerver shows that consumers are quite reluctant to share data and, in fact, 29% said they would not share personal information for any reason. Another 26% said they would share some data for greater savings, and 8% more said they would share for more relevant product recommendations and greater transparency into how information is used to benefit the consumer. MediaPost article