Retail Roundup—EBay dumps PayPal, Sears announces more layoffs

Sears announces another round of layoffs at its headquarters. (Mike Mozart/CC BY 2.0)

Sears lays off employees at HQ

Sears Holdings Corp. has laid off 220 corporate employees at the company's headquarters. The layoffs are part of an ongoing restructuring plan and follow rounds of cuts in March and June totaling more than 500 jobs. (Chicago Tribune)

Whole Foods adding 16 new 365 stores

Whole Foods announced it will open 16 more 365 locations, as well as its first location on the East Coast. The company presently has six 365 locations and is finding success in offering a large selection of its private-label brand in a smaller footprint. (CNBC)

Kroger expanding Scan, Bag, Go

Kroger announced an expansion of its Scan, Bag, Go program to 400 stores. First launched six years ago, the program gives shoppers the power to use a handheld scanner that logs their items as they go through the aisles, making for a faster checkout. (

EBay dumps PayPal

EBay announced that it is dropping PayPal as its main partner for processing payments and instead will use a Dutch company called Adyen. EBay bought PayPal in 2002 for $1.5 billion and although it spun off PayPal in 2015, the two brands have remained tightly linked. (CNN)