Retail Roundup—Deliv expands to 1,400 cities; Best Buy's web sales up 31%

Best Buy
Best Buy reports web sales up more than 31%.

Deliv to expand to 1,400 cities

The crowd-sourced same-day delivery company Deliv, which partners with some 4,000 retailers, announced that it has expanded into 33 markets and 1,400 cities. Previously, the Amazon rival was available in 19 markets, and now its footprint covers the same size as Prime Now. (TechCrunch)

Apple introduces consumer to consumer payments

Apple Pay will soon allow U.S. consumers to pay any other consumer if they are on a contact list. Likely to hit sometime in September, the service doesn't require additional accounts to be set up if the other consumer is on iMessage. (CNet)

Best Buy's web sales skyrocket 31%

Best Buy beat both sales and profit expectations for the quarter, reporting a comparable sales jump of 5.4% and a digital sales rise of 31.2%. Analysts say that the company's ability to blend online convenience with the ability to explore products in stores gives it an advantage over pure e-commerce brands, making it a true competitor in the age of Amazon. (Media Post)

Gordy's may close Wisconsin stores

Gordy's Markets has announced to more than 1,000 employees at 25 locations that they may be out of a job in less than two months. The company is unable to meet financial obligations and is looking for buyers or will be forced to enact a mass layoff. (Marshfield News Herald)