Retail Roundup—Amazon preps sportswear line; Berkowitz exits Sears

Sears store
Bruce Berkowitz is stepping down from the Sears board of directors.

Amazon prepping for private sportswear line

Amazon is talking with those in the athletic supply business as the marketplace looks to launch its own label of sportswear. A source says that Amazon will partner with Makalot Industrial Co., a vendor that produces clothing for brands such as Uniqlo, Kohl's and Gap. (Bloomberg)

Macy's opens at 5 pm Thanksgiving Day 

Macy's has announced it will kick off its annual Black Friday sale on Thanksgiving Day, starting at 5 p.m. Last year, some Macy's stores stayed open 29 hours straight, starting Thanksgiving evening and finishing at 10 p.m. Black Friday. (Business Insider)

Millennials fuel growth of Bluemercury

One of the fastest growing retailers in the U.S., Bluemercury was purchased by Macy's in 2015 for $210 million and has 150 locations. The beauty retailer is expected to add 10 more stores by the end of the year, and its high-tech innovations are getting a lot of attention from millennial shoppers. (CNBC)

Berkowitz steps down from Sears 

Sears Holdings Corporation has announced that Bruce Berkowitz will step down from his position on the board of directors at Sears, effective Oct. 31. Berkowitz joined the board in February 2016. (PR Newswire)