Retail Roundup—Amazon makes bid for Flipkart, pauses construction in Seattle

Amazon halts its construction in Seattle. (iStock/AdrianHancu)

Amazon makes bid for Flipkart official

Amazon has made a formal bid to buy 60% of India's e-commerce marketplace, Flipkart. The acquisition comes at a time when rival Walmart is close to completing a $12 billion bid for the same stake in Flipkart. (Business Standard)

Amazon pauses construction in Seattle

Amazon is pausing construction on its Seattle headquarters, stopping plans that would add 7,000 to 8,000 jobs in new office space. The company says its waiting on the outcome of a city council vote on a new head tax before it makes a decision on whether or not to move forward. (Seattle Times)

Macy's acquires Story

Macy's has acquired Story, a New York City retailer that changes the store design every one-to-two months. Story's founder, Rachel Shectman, was also named Macy's brand experience officer and will continue to operate that location's rotating themes. (Market Watch)

Sears launches online lease program

Sears and Kmart announced the spans ion of their Least It program online, becoming the only national, full-service retailer to offer a full assortment of products to rent online and in-store. Originally launched in 2012, the program is now being extended to online transactions when products total $199 or more. (PR Newswire)