Retail Roundup—Amazon expands Whole Foods discounts; OPI revamps e-commerce

Whole Foods shopper
Amazon is expanding its discounts to Whole Food shoppers in 12 states. (Whole Foods Market)

Amazon expands Whole Foods discounts

Amazon is now expanding its 10% savings at Whole Foods for Prime members to 12 new states including California, Colorado and Texas. The marketplace plans to expand the Prime discount program across all Whole Foods locations in the U.S. by the end of the summer. (TechCrunch)

52% of deals go to shoppers willing to pay full price

A recent study found that 52% of weekly promotions go to customers who would be willing to pay full price. And 37% of shoppers who received offers on items they would have paid full price for say the offer had a neutral or negative impact on their experience. (Progressive Grocer)

JCPenney seeks new CEO

JCPenney's board is in search of a new CEO—one with apparel experience—as the company plans to win with this area of retail. The company is still hoping to turn sales around and will not make any dramatic changes until a new CEO is hired. (The Dallas Morning News)

OPI revamps e-commerce

Beauty brand OPI is using algorithms to improve its e-commerce experience and has partnered with Amazon Checkout. The revamped site is meant to offer a personalized experience that tracks browsing history, skin tone, color preference and social media behavior. (Glossy)

Michael Kors turnaround led by retail

Michael Kors CEO John Idol is expecting the brand's growth to be led by retail in 2018, where it is executing plans for new products, brand engagement and a better customer experience. The company remains open to the idea of new acquisitions. (MarketWatch)