Retail Roundup—E-commerce boosts Walmart's sales, Ahold to shutter Martin's

Walmart store visits were up for the 10th consecutive quarter.

E-commerce raises Walmart’s quarterly sales

Walmart reported higher-than-expected quarterly sales, due in large part to a bigger push into e-commerce. The company also gave credit to its commitment to cleaner stores and the raising of entry-level wages, noting that store visits were up 1.5% for the 10th consecutive quarter. (Reuters)

Ahold’s to shutter Martin’s chain

Ahold’s chain of Martin’s Food Markets is set to close its remaining nine stores in Virginia this summer. Half of the chain was sold to Publix last year, and Ahold has been unsuccessful at selling the remaining locations. (Supermarket News)

Retailers pushing against consumption tax

Led by the National Retail Federation, retailers are asking Congress to update the existing federal income tax system through a comprehensive reform rather than a consumption tax that would lay the burden on consumers. Either way, the NRF is asking Congress to reject a $1 trillion border adjustment tax that would cost the economy jobs and raise prices for shoppers. (Business Wire)

7 million retail jobs at risk due to automation

A new analysis finds that between 6 to 7.5 million U.S. retail jobs will likely be automated out of existence in the coming years. Retail cashier jobs are at the highest risk for automation technology, and 73% of these positions are held by women. (Business Wire)