Retail Roundup—Ace Hardware buys Washington chain; CVS ends beauty touch-ups

CVS pharmacy
CVS will no longer touch up any of its beauty images by 2020.

Ace Hardware buys out Washington chain

Ace Hardware has purchased Washington-based retail chain Dennis Company. Sold for an undisclosed amount, the Dennis stores will retain their name after the Ace Hardware takeover in late March. (Chinook Observer)

Amazon hires in India for January shopping event

Amazon in India has created more than 6,500 temp jobs in preparation for its Great Indian Sale, Jan. 20 through 24. About 5,000 positions will be in fulfillment and warehouse, with another 1,000 in customer service. (Economic Times)

CVS changes beauty touch-ups policy

CVS Pharmacy has pledged to new standards for postproduction alterations of its beauty imagery. As part of the initiative, transparency for beauty imagery that has been altered will be required for all website, marketing and advertising materials by the end of 2020. (PR Newswire)

NBA Store adds self-serve lockers

Fanatics customers can now skip the line at the NBA Store in New York City and pick up purchases using new self-service automated lockers. Created in collaboration with Apex, the system allows users to order online and then pick up in the store lockers for a streamlined pickup experience. (Business Wire)