Retail Roundup—7-Eleven tests delivery, in-store pickup; Walmart app pays employees early

7-Eleven is testing out delivery and in-store pickup.

Walmart app lets employees get paid early

Walmart has teamed up with technology startups Even and PayActiv to provide workers with their paycheck before payday. Supplying more than 1.4 million workers with an app, the program will allow employees to access and spend cash coming on payday up to eight times a year for free. (Chicago Tribune)

Mall of America introduces chatbot

The Mall of America in Minnesota has launched its own chatbot for the holiday season. Available across various platforms, the chatbot will let users ask questions so they can plan what gifts to buy before arriving at the mall. Users can also ask the chatbot for directions, brainstorm gift ideas and learn about deals at the mall. (Adweek)

7-Eleven tests delivery, in-store pickup app

7-Eleven is testing on-demand ordering for delivery and in-store pickup with a new 7-ElevenNOW smartphone app. It's currently being tested in 10 downtown Dallas locations and is expected to roll out to other U.S. locations in 2018. (PR Newswire)

IoT key to inventory management

In a recent report on the internet of things and its role in retail, 98% of retail winners—those whose comparable sales outperform in the industry—cited inventory management as a very important capability driven by the IoT. Retailers are using the platform to find and create alerts around dead merchandise, find inventory in stock rooms, on sales floors and in warehouses. Analysts say that without this cohesive window of inventory, retailers will not survive omnichannel. (MediaPost)