Retail Roundup—7-Eleven gives schools Slurpee coupons; J.Hilburn appoints CEO

7-Eleven is trying its hand at Slurpee coupons in schools. (Mike Mozart/CC BY 2.0)

J.Hilburn appoints new CEO

Custom-made menswear retailer J.Hilburn has announced the appointment of Andy Janowski to CEO as the company continues to evolve its brand. Janowski has more than 30 years experience in the apparel industry, including roles at Gap and Burberry. (PR Newswire)

Online children's marketplace has big first year

Two former Vogue employees launched, a marketplace for children's apparel, accessories and toys. While only in its first year, the company's revenue beat its forecast by 40% and the co-founders anticipating six times the growth this year. (CNBC)

7-Eleven offering Slurpee coupons to school

7-Eleven will pass out more than 200,000 coloring pages to elementary schools around the country, and each sheet includes a coupon for a free Slurpee. The sheets will be hand-delivered by 1,700 7-Eleven employees in 88 participating markets and include 42,500 adult coloring pages with a coupon for coffee. (PR Newswire)

Click-to-open rates dropping

Although open and click-through rates are continuing to rise, click-to-open rates are falling. The disparity is because users are becoming pickier about what they click on. (MediaPost)