Retail is most compromised industry

After the massive data breaches that have plagued retailers from Target (NYSE:TGT) to Home Depot (NYSE:HD) in recent years, a new study shows that retail is the most compromised industry in terms of data security.

Trustwave analyzed evidence from nearly 700 security breaches in 2013 and found that retail had the most attacks at 35 percent.

The food and drink industry was the second most compromised industry at 18 percent, followed by hospitality at 11 percent. Fifty-four percent of criminal attacks targeted e-commerce systems, followed by point-of-sale (POS) breaches at 33 percent and data centers at only 10 percent.

One of the most troubling facts discovered by Trustwave is that the median time from an initial intrusion to its being detected was 87 days. In addition, more than 70 percent of compromise victims didn't detect the breach themselves

Meanwhile, weak passwords are still a major problem at businesses. Weak or default passwords contributed to a third of the investigated breaches. During its penetration tests, Trustwave collected 626,718 stored passwords and recovered more than half of them in minutes. In addition, 92 percent of the samples were able to be cracked in 31 days.

The most common passwords businesses used were "Password1," "Hello123" and "password."

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