Report: Wi-Fi RFID Tag Market To More Than Double Annual Through 2010

Leveraging existing Wi-Fi investments and applying it to asset tracking is behind an expect sharp and ongoing increase in Wi-Fi RFID tag shipments, according to a new report from market analyst firm In-Stat.

"Despite some hurdles to overcome, Wi-Fi RFID tag shipments will grow at more than 100 percent annually through 2010," In-Stat said. Added In-Stat analyst Daryl Schoolar: ?Historically, one of the key weaknesses of this market has been the short battery life of asset tags," but technology advancements are making "multi-year battery life now a reality.?

The report estimated the 2006 worldwide Wi-Fi RFID tag shipments at 135,000, with the most "key verticals" being healthcare, heavy manufacturing, transportation, and logistics. It also said that AeroScout shipments "accounted for the majority of all Wi-Fi RFID tags in 2006."