Report: After 8 minutes in line, shoppers walk out

Long checkout lines could be to blame for lost sales at brick-and-mortar stores according to a new study that reveals customers are likely to abandon their shopping cart after eight minutes of waiting in line.

That today's "I want it now" consumer expects to get her shopping done fast is one of the findings from Omnico Group's latest national primary research campaign, which examined how to improve the customer shopping experience. The study also discovered that 77 percent of Americans would be less likely to return to a store if they experienced long checkout lines.

Other findings from the survey included how mobile technology is changing shopping behavior during the checkout process. Data shows that self-checkout and "click and collect" (order online, pick up in-store) are the top technologies that will make customers' purchases move along more smoothly. Mobile is also a strong component, as customers indicated that stores with free wifi made the checkout process more bearable. This is an indication that perhaps if customers are able to browse on their phones while waiting in line, they are able to pass the time without feeling inconvenienced.

The findings highlight the high cost to retailers in terms of sales lost resulting from long checkout lines and too few registers, and point out the need for merchants to introduce digital solutions that nurture loyalty.

"Customers want technology solutions that join up the channels and transform the customer experience," stated Bill Henry, Omnico Group's CEO. "Omnichannel solutions enable brick-and-mortar retailers to accelerate their growth in challenging conditions and provide new opportunities to win back customers from pure-play online shops. Retailers that embrace omnichannel technology and offer seamless customer journeys to the shopper have a very bright future."

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