Rent the Runway premieres in-house labels

Rent the Runway has started posting an in-house label of products alongside designer names on its luxury apparel rental site.

Dresses from a brand called Slate & Willow are now available on the site and priced for rent to match other designer options, BuzzFeed reported. The site does not mention that Slate & Willow is a private brand, or that it technically does not have a "retail price" since it's not sold in any store –the pricing is based on the cost of production.

The company is also featuring an accessories brand called Ella Carter.

"Just like the items from the designer partners in our inventory — which are also not sold, just rented — we include the retail value to add context for our customers so they can make informed purchasing/renting decisions," a Rent the Runway spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

While in-house labels are not rare for high-end retailers, what is unique is that Rent the Runway's core business until now has been providing access to name-brand formalwear.

The spokesperson said that the labels were to help fill the needs of Rent The Runway customers. "If there is something we know our customer gravitates towards or something our customers are requesting, we work with talented designers in our community to fill in the gaps."

The company has been expanding its offerings and last summer introduced the $75 per month unlimited rental program, allowing users to rent any three handbags, sunglasses, scarves, outerwear, hats and jewelry at a time. The program added dresses in March at the same the monthly fee increased to $99.

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