The Real Reasons Why Customers are Leaving Your Store

Brick and mortar stores face increasing competition from online retailers. Store traffic has declined over the years as more consumers sit at their laptops to cross off items on their shopping list. When customers do visit a physical store, it is the retailer's job to make sure they feel welcome, have their questions answered and are able to browse in a pleasant environment. Otherwise, the store risks losing shoppers' attention, and ultimately, losing out on the sale.

At Retail's BIG Show, Bill Martin, founder of ShopperTrak, a firm that specializes in people counter technology and foot traffic analysis, offered the top three reasons why customers walk out of stores.

1. Sales associates can't answer their questions. Shoppers who visit a store expect store personnel to offer expert knowledge about merchandise on the selling floor. Whether the customer wants to find an item in a different size or wants to know if an item comes in other colors, customers need to be educated about items before they can be convinced to make a trip to the cash register.

2. Sales associates ignore customers. This is a big one, according to Martin. A simple "hello" or "good morning" can go a long way in connecting with a consumer who enters the store. While this may be a challenge for larger department stores who may not have associates standing at all of the numerous entrances, this is especially a deal-breaker for smaller stores.

3. The product doesn't live up to the advertisement. Customers today expect more from retailers. Having high-quality merchandise is non-negotiable. It's not enough to have glossy magazine ads and eye-catching email marketing. Those elements are a great way to pique consumers' interest, but in order to bump up your bottom line, the quality of the goods has to meet customers' expectations.

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