RadioShack's New CEO: More Proof That IT Experience Does Indeed Matter

When RadioShack announced Monday (Jan. 24) that its board had chosen CFO Jim Gooch as its new CEO, it went out of its way to mention Gooch's background in supply chain management and IT. This is just the latest example of retail boards showing new found respect for IT experience when sizing up folk for the big CEO corner office, including Home Depot, which is watching its own CFO's IT chops when evaluating her for the CEO gig plus related IT respect demonstrations from Sears, Macy's and Borders.

This IT love-fest is consistent with a move—started about 5 to 10 years ago—of assigning the CFO to oversee IT. Before that, it was more common for CIOs to report into COOs or often CEOs. The shift to having CIOs report into the financial group is an acknowledgement that IT is becoming more strategic and that it's an area that CFOs must master if they want to run the whole ship.