RadioShack adds celebrity Nick Cannon as chief creative officer

RadioShack hired celebrity Nick Cannon as chief creative officer, tasked with developing RadioShack-exclusive products, curating music selections, performances and events, and growing the educational and S.T.E.M initiatives.

"RadioShack is a brand that matters," Cannon said. "As a kid, spending time in my neighborhood RadioShack was invaluable. The maker mentality and educational approach taught me a lot and encouraged me to explore my own creativity. In return I wanted to give back by fostering creative pursuits in others, and helping kids move to the next level."

Cannon is an actor, first staring in Nickelodeon's "All That" TV show, executive producer of TV shows "The Nick Cannon Show" and "Wild N Out", host of  "America's Got Talent, comedian, writer, director, DJ, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

NCredible Entertainment, a multi-media company that produces TV and film projects and includes a line of consumer products, was founded in 2009 by Cannon.

"Nick Cannon is one of today's most successful personalities in the entertainment industry and the picture of a RadioShack success story," said Michael Tatelman, RadioShack's chief marketing officer. "Throughout our history, RadioShack has sought to inspire, educate and innovate through our different programs and products. With Cannon's innate, innovative drive and authentic connection to RadioShack, he is the perfect person to join our team. RadioShack is back."

Although RadioShack filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February, the phrase and hashtag "RadioShack is back" was introduced in July to let consumers know that the company had emerged from bankruptcy and was back in operation. Press Release