Rachel Zoe to launch subscription service

Stylist Rachel Zoe announced the launch of Box of Style, her new quarterly subscription service for members. Boxes will come with five to eight items from each season's fashion line.

"It's really about targeting our audience with something special curated by me and editors at 'The Zoe Report'—providing a little piece of how we live every day," Zoe told Women's Wear Daily.

Shoppers can sign up for the subscription using "The Zoe Report" website, and the first shipment is scheduled to go out March 31. Boxes are priced between $100 and $350 for a year and contain fashion, beauty and home market products, reported Women's Wear Daily.

The designer's 'The Zoe Report' has about 1 million unique visitors each month and is going on its sixth year. Its newsletter has 2 million subscribers and 11 million social media followers.

Each box will have one special value item that stands apart from the rest of the shipment.

Subscription services, such as Birch Box, are a growing trend among retailers. Similar to 'The Zoe Report,' content-commerce models are also growing in popularity. For example, Purch, which debuted back in 2003, used its TonTopReviews platform to add dimension to e-commerce.

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