Quiznos uses gamification to build mobile loyalty

Of all the retailers to score big on mobile, struggling sandwich chain Quiznos may not be the first you'd expect to have a breakthrough campaign at the moment. But its recent "Feed Us, Quiznos!" campaign demonstrates that the fast-casual restaurant knows how to get more than just raw engagement out of gamification.

The campaign, developed by Dailybreak Media, asked office workers to take a mobile trivia quiz on dos and donts for catering and upload photos and videos of themselves and their teams showing why they were starving for Quiznos. In return, the photos with the most votes would win a free catered lunch.

It seems simple but the results were immense for the chain. Participants downloaded 8,599 coupons, conducted 14,651 store locator searches and watched 11,042 videos. But on top of those engagement numbers, Quiznos also got 4,200 new members for its Q-Club loyalty program.

Retailers have increasingly been turning to gamification in shopping apps as a way to drive customer engagement, and Walgreens has even explored gamifying the in-store experience via augmented reality on mobile. But those efforts haven't always driven the same kind of tangible results. So what did the Quiznos mobile campaign do that others haven't?

For one, it acknowledged that customers won't hand over their information just because retailers ask for it. At least offer them the prospect of free lunch.

"This answers the question 'What's in it for me?' from the consumer perspective," Adam Lavine, CEO at FunMobility, told Mobile Commerce Daily. "A lot of advertising is just the advertiser trying to reach goals. The root of gamification is game, and it creates something that is enjoyable and fun which is a big driving factor."

The Q-Club sign-ups that resulted from the Quiznos campaign also prove that making a game out of a promotion can do more than just attract interactions with a brand that end when the fun does. The interactive and social components of a well-executed gamified campaign create the potential for deeper connections with customers that are crucial when it comes to building loyalty.

"For the same reasons that brands have been turning to gamification to drive engagement, they've also discovered just how effective employing gamification strategies for loyalty can be," said John Federman, CEO of Dailybreak. "After all, every campaign works better when the consumer is educated, entertained and rewarded by content that drives a brand message."

Quiznos filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March, but has been rolling out initiatives like a new POS system and its mobile app in an attempt to turn things around. The chain operates 2,100 locations globally.

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