Procedural Bad Idea Causes Taco Bell To Accidentally Give A Customer $3,600 Instead Of Food

The story of three friends who used the drive-through window at a Michigan Taco Bell in late June to try to get food but were instead given $3,600 in cash has been making the rounds. But the reason it happened is something that retailers should consider. According to The Holland Sentinel—citing another Taco Bell $2,000 cash error in Ohio—a store manager said that it's "store policy to keep bank deposits in the same bags that are used for takeout orders." Before we rip into this policy, it's easy to understand the reason someone might have thought this a good idea. Someone leaving a Taco Bell late at night carrying a Taco Bell takeout bag will not appear to be a target. That said, isn't the almost-certainty of this exact kind of mixup enough to make someone come up with an alternative? Preferably an alternative that deviates from "Let's put all of our cash into bags that look exactly like the bags we give away to customers and then leave them hanging around during hectic restaurant periods and see what happens." Story